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Five years working with campsite owners at Campingninja has taught us a lot. When it boils down to it we know that foward thinking campsite owners want busy sites filled with the right people.  Most camp site owners simply dont have the time to answer phone messages and e mails to get bookings, but the great thing is you dont have to -  when our technology can do it for you! 

Campsites can use The Camping Network to fill a campsite's empty pitches with a modern esay to use on line booking syetem We provide you with a link for your web site to the booking engine, where you have the benefits of a great booking system, with an easy to access cloud based back office, where you can manage the pitches you sell, when you sell them and keep all your bookings in one place. 

We dont charge you to register your campsite. It's free technology for you! 

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